Cartridge filter XXL

Cartridge filter unit with a specially designed air intake side that utilizes gravity. In addition, baffles are built into the unit to protect the cartridges from wear and distribute the air evenly in the filters. The filter has effective filter cleaning based on compressed air cleaning. If the dust load is high, it is recommended to use a polyester filter instead of a paper filter. There are several models available depending on the size of the filter surface, up to 350,000 m³/h air volume. The unit can be equipped with dust container, container or with cell feeder and double valve discharge.

Technical data:

  • Airflow min/max: 6000/350,000m³/h
  • Filter surface: 144 – 2900m²
  • Number of cartridges: 12 – 240
  • Dust container: 50L
  • Max vacuum: 3000 – 4000Pa

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