The company Svenska Eurovac AB

Svenska Eurovac AB has in the last 20 years delivered various types of central suction systems all over the Nordics and to Europe as well as some to Asia and has its headquarters in Falkenberg. Our basic idea for the range development has always been: the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost for our customers. Delivery security, availability, quality, environmental thinking and price are our basic concepts for the relationship with you as a customer.

When it comes to good quality we, with the help of our strong suppliers, critical consumers and our own buyers, we have managed to keep prices down in the purchasing part due to our increasingly dominant market position. Our goal is to become your largest and best supplier within our product area. In order to achieve that goal, a partnership between you and us is required, based on mutual trust built on knowledge, care and consideration for one's business partner.

Much of the manufacturing takes place in modern industrial premises in Finland, where the own manufacturing capacity amounts to approx. 80% of the products. This means that we can also offer you special solutions tailored to your particular application and your wishes.

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