The company Svenska Eurovac AB

Since 1990, Svenska Eurovac AB has supplied various types of central and point extraction systems to Nordic industry and has its headquarters in Falkenberg. Our basic idea for product range development has always been: the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost for our customers.

Delivery security, availability, quality, environmental thinking and price are our basic concepts for the relationship with you as a customer.

Most of the manufacturing takes place in modern industrial premises in Finland, where the in-house manufacturing capacity makes up the largest part of the products. This means that we can also offer you special solutions, tailored to your particular application and your wishes. We also deliver suction systems in ATEX design. We help you through the entire process from planning to commissioning.

We offer an expert and competent maintenance service as an additional service for our products. Our professional service technicians carry out maintenance and repairs either outside the customer's premises or in our own premises. We offer service commitments with ongoing contracts or individual visits. Our maintenance service guarantees the best utilization rate. The strength of our maintenance service is practical product knowledge.

Our design consists of mechanical and electrical design in 3D. We have up-to-date planning and simulation software and information management that make the planning process efficient. Most of the manufacturing cost of the product is determined in the design. By streamlining manufacturing methods, significant cost savings are often achieved in production. The end result of good planning is a cost-effective product solution.

SVENSKA EUROVAC AB performs new installations, conversions and service for mostly industries. We work as a general contractor in close cooperation with designers to develop functional solutions for all types of central vacuum systems. We can also act as your own innovator.

As a general contractor, we can help you through the entire process with:


  • Projecting = Idea sketches, lay out proposals and cost proposals.
  • Production= Implementation, coordination, follow-up of cost, time and quality.
  • Completion = Review together with customer, relationship documents installation and final inspection.
  • Service = Favorable service agreements after the end of the warranty period.

SVENSKA EUROVAC AB was founded in 1990 by Jari Leinonen (then Central Vacuum AB) and is still run privately today.

Working in close dialogue with you as a customer has always been important to us! We strive for long-term cooperation, which benefits you as a customer, as we become well acquainted with your needs. This makes the whole process efficient, both in terms of cost and time, as well as minimizing disruption to your business.

All installations are carried out by our own installers or installers authorized by us who guarantee functional central vacuum systems, regardless of the object size.

Many years of experience, quality, delivery security, availability and environmental thinking have the highest priority with us, you as a customer benefit from that with us!

Main objective

The company's goal with our commitments is satisfied customers, not only after completed work, but also after a number of years of use of the object.

Our company's endeavor is to work smoothly and efficiently, with the least possible disruption to other operations/production around our objects. Our company wishes to be able to manage satisfied customers and well-executed installations as a reference for continued deliveries and development of our know-how.


In order to achieve the main goal, we want to develop a close collaboration with the client of the object, but also develop a good collaboration with others involved in the ongoing process, such as architects, designers and inspectors, etc.

It is important to achieve the goal that we in the company are well acquainted with current building legislation and other authority requirements for the specific object, in order to thereby achieve a higher standard than normal and to drive development forward.

Other objectives

All employees are continuously trained and contribute their knowledge, responsibility and commitment to the company achieving its goal of satisfied customers.

An important endeavor for us is that all subcontractors connected to the object should work in the same direction as our company and be flexible and responsive in order to reach the main goal.

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