Point extraction

We design Eurovac point extraction for dust, powder, welding fumes, fumes and chip separation systems in cooperation with the customer. Extensive in-house manufacturing and long-standing European suppliers guarantee the high quality of Eurovac spot extraction. In cartridge filters, the amount of air is usually large, but the amount of dust is less. Extractor arms are also supplied in ATEX design. You can find more information on larger cartridge filters under filter systems on the website

We manufacture and deliver systems to, for example, the following industries:

  • Wood industry
  • Plastindustri
  • Heating plants
  • Metal industry
  • Paper industry
  • Concrete industry
  • Process industry
  • Livsmedelsindustri mm

Our spot extractors are supplied with cartridge filters or hose filters depending on dust/material properties and quantities. We provide different types of dust/material collection options in eg, vessels, big sacks and containers etc. If necessary, our professional representative will come to the site to get to know the needs of your particular application, in which case we will map the necessary equipment, their location, power requirements and calculation of pipe dimensions.

Things to consider when planning:

  • What type of material or dust is to be transported
  • What amounts of dust/material must be collected, for example, per day
  • The number of suction points to be used simultaneously and their dimensions
  • Collection of material/dust, in e.g. vessel, big sack, container, etc.
  • Piping system in galvanized steel, stainless, acid-proof and good thickness
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